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There is a train of thought that maintains that if you are to think deeply enough and ask the universe for your heart’s desire then it will eventually be granted. Others believe that the harder you work the luckier you become. There is also the old adage that good things happen to good people which is contrary to the saying ‘only the good die young.’ Urban philosophy is great and can be manipulated to suit the occasion.  

The pace of modern life can often get in the way of deep thought but there is always the time for work, school run, day job and the thousand other micro tasks many of us cram into every day. Dreams are reserved for bedtime, those precious few hours of oblivion we cram in before the hamster wheel beckons once again by the screech of your alarm clock. Whichever philosophy you live by wouldn’t it be grand if you could; fulfil your dreams, work ‘just’ hard enough and carry those dreams into your waking hours.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” – Henry David Thoreau


How do you imagine your life if it was the stuff of your dreams? How would it look if you could choose when and how hard you work? Do you have the confidence to dare to dream?

Reality for many flashes by in a blur of unconscious actions, each task completed out of habit and necessity. Have you ever arrived at the office after the school run/morning workout/breakfast meeting on auto piolet? Its scary to think how many zombies there are on the road between seven and nine AM. I used to be one of them.

Time to get personal. I am a married mother of two, we both work, I have a day job and my own business. We have a tiny dog called Freddie. Freddie is a rescue dog and was chosen because the house we bought had a cat flap and a secure garden, two walks a day and unlimited access to the great outdoors and he is happy. His very presents in our home was a time saving decision. My makeup bag lives in the car, I throw its contents in the general direction of my face during the daily, post school run traffic Jam, another ten minutes saved! At 8.40am the kids are quickly ejected out of the car, my car window has been re-named to the kissy window, this is where I say goodbye to my two boys, engine running and ready to go. Saves time and appeases my bad mum guilt for not walking them to the gate. Luckily, thanks to a post I saw on Social Media I only have to do this two days a week.

please ED black type

Six months ago I came across a post on Facebook by Please Distribution Ltd. They are a new energy drinks company from South Africa and their drinks are now available in the UK. The company was looking for brand representatives to sell their products within the local community. I was surprised that such an opportunity existed for someone like me. Usually big brands sell directly to big business and share the big profits amongst themselves. Please is different, I did my research and discovered that the name itself is an acronym for Products. Leading. Economic and Social Empowerment. Please is available in bars, clubs and sporting venues although they empower individuals through their representative programme to make some of that profit for themselves by selling Please directly to their Friends, Family and anyone they come into contact with in their day to day lives. I signed up on their website and have never looked back.

Working with Please allows me to be completely flexible and available for my family. I no longer have to use my paid holiday for when the kids are sick or have an inset day. Our Holidays are just that. ‘Work hard, Play hard’ Just about sums it up. I have not missed an appointment at the school/doctors/dentist/football match in over a year.

Most of my income is generated through the day to day contact I have with my friends, Family and mums on the school run. My Job satisfaction is through the roof, although it is early days I am starting to live my dreams and so could you. There is no limit to how you choose to distribute the drinks or you’re earning potential. A family friend of mine runs an independent pub and when I popped along with some samples he decided to stock each of the three flavours of the energy drinks there and then. Every time he places an order the profits are mine to keep. As a please representative I received a special code that entitles me to order each case of 24 drinks for just £14 it is then up to me how much I chose to sell these for. The products themselves are easy to sell as the flavours are unique and everyone I introduce them to loves them as much as I do. My only struggle is not to drink too much of the stock myself and also to keep them away from my husband! He loves the Marula malt as it smells and tastes very much like beer, he has been known to mix it with his lager, he calls them his ‘power shandy’s’. Although he is not a role model and I would prefer if he bought his own!



With please distribution there is no pressure on how often I need to place an order, this was important to me when I first started, as a working mother flexibility is important. With the money I have earnt whilst working with Please I have been able to book a three week summer holiday and I am now actually looking forward to the six week school break. Gone are the days of stressing over child care and ways to keep the kids entertained I am able to take them away on holiday and enjoy every ‘staycation’ in-between.  Starting with Please was also pain free, the only investment required was the purchase of one case of each flavour, an achievable total of £42.00. 


Of course I have not always been a working ‘mum’ and ‘wife’ with a mortgage and responsibilities in the nineties and early noughties credit cards and student loans ensured that I saw a chunk of the world and got a further education. I wish Please energy drinks had been available in the U.K back then. There were a few places I had to miss because of work and maxed out credit limits. How times have changed! I can see how easy it would have been to sell please to my fellow students as we were always looking for ways to power us through the night when an essay was due or just because there was too much fun to be had!

I can’t complain too much as I lived through a time before a university degree cost tens of thousands of pounds and a home to call your own was still attainable.


When my babies have babies I now know I will be able to take the time to be with them whenever I want, my job now allows that. The possibility and opportunity working with please offers are unlimited. It has also allowed me to generate a passive income as a re-seller. My publican friend sells my stock every day, making us both a profit, all I have to do is put the orders in. Maybe the cliché ‘the harder you work the luckier you become’ isn’t so twee after all. I am working on becoming a good person (really need to say goodbye to the kissy window) so I know good things will happen, but hopefully I will not die  righteously early as I seem to have stumbled upon that holy grail that is the life work balance. What are you waiting for, you do not have to ‘dare to dream’ as there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Just try not to drink too much of your stock!!



A Freshers Guide to University



A Fresher’s Guide To University.

You know where you are going, where you are staying and hopefully what you will be studying. Your first term is a short one starting at the end of September, this will fly by, before you know it December will be here and you will have ten weeks or so worth of fantastic experiences that will leave you wondering why you attempted to bring the entire content of your life so far with you!

Top Tips

You are not The Doctor (yet, calm down med students) and your room is not the Tardis! This is especially important if you are moving into the halls of resident’s. Most Communal kitchens will already have essentials like a toaster, and etc. and in an emergency there will be places nearby where you can pick up a kettle for a fiver. It is sensible just to take enough plates and cutlery for one meal. Anything else like a five piece pan set can be bought later once you know how your new home is equipped. Take your own towels and a mattress protector, if you really want to push the boat out a memory foam topper can turn your bed from drab to fab in five seconds flat.


Pack enough clothes for few weeks, you should have access to a washing machine if not it is time to start supporting your local laundrette, Just don’t forget your toothbrush! You will be socialising allot so include a few party pieces and even maybe a fancy dress costume. Learn how to layer and take outfits that can be dressed up or down. Girls do not take all of the shoes you own! I offer this advice from personal experience. You will be doing allot of walking so a comfortable pair of trainers or Flat shoes are essential. Your Lectures could be spaced out throughout the campus and walking miles between lectures in six inch stilettoes is no fun at all!

Keep your energy levels high, there will be late nights and early mornings so a box of tea bags or jar of coffee should be packed. Energy drinks have been proved to improve focus and fit conveniently into your book bag for a refreshing boost between lectures. Please Energy drinks come in three flavours including Marula Malt which has an uncanny resemblance to beer. A student staple didn’t you know.
Surface and floor space will be at a premium. Nic naks reminding you of home are nice but keep them to a minim, that 6 foot cuddly bear Auntie Anne bought you for your 16th can do without you for ten weeks, this is not what is meant by the ‘bare essentials’.

Bare Essentials

For your room.
1. Bedding. Just because you are moving somewhere new there is no need to buy everything new. If you are already sleeping in a single bed just take your own from home. A familiar pillow will ensure that the few hours you do spend sleeping are of a high quality and you may appreciate the familiar feeling something from home will bring.
2. Towels and toiletries. Again there is no need to go mad here. You are not moving to the moon, one of everything will suffice and you can always buy more once you are settled, or better still include them on your first online grocery request c/o of the bank of Mum and dad.
3. Clothes hangers.
4. Bin Bags and cleaning materials. If you are lucky enough to have an en-suite then these will come in handy sooner than you think. It is also worth giving your room the once over before you unpack, it may be some time before you have the time and the access to clear surfaces again to do this properly.
5. Desk lamp, alarm clock and charging cables. Laptop. Books. Stationary.


Show me the money!

 The guardian newspaper reported on the 11th September 2016:

 ‘According to the study by the University of Sheffield and Comparethemarket, one in every nine blow a term’s loan of about £2,700 within two weeks.’

‘The cost of halls for a week now stands at £226, according to Shelly Asquith of the National Union of Students.’

There is no part of this equation that makes any sense at all! It is plain to see that your student loan is not enough to live on. The same article offers the following advice:

1 ‘Choose the right bank account,’

Opt for an account that will give you useful perks such as a student rail card and a low interest overdraft.

2. ‘Watch the house deposit,’

If you choose to rent from a private land lord make sure you do a full inventory of the property just after you move in. Take pictures of your room before you move your stuff in so if there are any disputes when you move out you will have photographic evidence to support your case.

3. ‘Break it up and budget’ 

Put your loan in one bank account and use another for spending. Set up a weekly or monthly standing order and stay away from the lump sum.

No matter how hard you budget ‘managing’ such a small budget will be struggle. Many students find themselves In part time employment to make up the short fall although minimum wage for students is low.  The NUS finance pages reports,

The current national minimum wage hourly rates, applicable since 1 October 2015, are:

  • Workers aged 21 or older: £6.70
  • Workers aged 18 to 20: £5.30
  • Workers aged 16 or 17: £3.87
  • Apprentices: £3.30

Unfortunately unless you are a mature student aged 25 or over the new higher national living wage will not apply to you.

Is there an alternative?

How about working for yourself? There is a way to earn whilst you learn without it interfering with your studies or your social life.

Please Distribution ltd are a new Energy drinks company in the UK and they offer unlimited opportunity and you will not have to suffer the minim wage. What’s more you can sell your products to your University friends\housemates\family… anyone, anywhere, anytime. With three unique flavours they practically sell themselves.


  • Become a Representative
  • Join us as a Please Ambassador today and earn a 2nd income!
  • Join a multi-million pound drinks industry, as a freelance representative.
  • Empower yourself.
  • Make the change you want in your life.
  • Become an entrepreneur.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Work from home.
  • Opportunity Driven.

 What’s in it for me?

Unlimited earning potential as a freelance representative and earn a 2nd income – you choose your working hours with no obligation or minimum commitment. We encourage all our ambassadors to “put something back” and get involved with your community. Our values came from our beginnings as a company in South Africa, which was founded on the values of “Ubuntu”. (Zulu for the greater good of others)

How does it work?

Step 1:

Just complete the form on our representative page and press “Submit My Application”. We will review your application and come back to you as fast as we can!

By becoming Ambassadors, individuals can sell our products to their friends, their community, at sports events, gyms, entertainment venues, at corporate events, as well as local shops and retail outlets. You can also use these products as a fund-raising tool to create a sustainable income for a NGO or to supplement an existing income. The opportunities are endless..

Once you have been accepted, we will send you a special discount coupon via email that entitles you to a £10.00 discount on every case of 24 cans.

Step 2:

Place your order and pay online, apply your Ambassador’s special discount coupon at checkout and then arrange to collect or receive by courier.

Step 3:

Pay yourself the commission that you earn from your sales.

To apply go to:





A fresher’s survival guide to University.

A fresher’s survival guide to University.